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Why Vacuum!

Comboez believes in making life simpler for our customers. That’s why the Auto-Vacuum series is equipped with an advanced Auto-Vacuum Machine, which activates at the press of a button. With a built-in pressure sensor, the Machine detects the drop in vacuum level, and automatically restores airtightness to keep items fresh and dry. Auto-Vacuum series is the answer to all your storage needs.

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User Friendly Design. Simple Operation

One Step Vacuum Sealing

Place items inside the container, press the On/off button on the Auto-Vacuum Machine for automatic vacuuming.

Easy Retrieval

To open, simply balance the internal and external pressure. For the Dome and container series, grip the On/off button handles firmly on both sides. Completely pull up the Auto-Vacuum Machine to its maximum height. For the Canister series, depress the vacuum release button on the lid.

Automatic Vacuum Restoration

The Auto-Vacuum Machine has a sensor which detects a change in pressure to kick-start the automatic vacuuming process, restoring the optimum vacuum level.

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Tips & Ideas for Your Auto-Vacuum Storage Series

Vacuum Marinating for Rich Flavors

Marinating foods in vacuum allows quick infusion and deep penetration of flavors, resulting in a delicious meal. For a Longer Best Before Date Vacuum sealing of foods like tea leaves, dried seafood, bakery, and biscuits to keep them dry and fresh, lengthening their best before date.

Versatile Storage

Auto-Vacuum Storage series can be used to store items that are sensitive to humidity and susceptible to oxidation.

Direct Table Application as a Vacuum Food Dome

The clear lid of Auto-Vacuum dome can be used as a food dome to cover cakes and other foods to keep out bugs, smell, and keeping cooking fresh.

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Electric Auto Vacuum Food Storage System

  • Auto-vacuum device constantly keeps your food crisp & moisture-free
  • Automatically restores level of vacuum
  • Detachable air pump for easy cleaning
  • Battery-operated
  • Food-grade & BPA-free material
  • Dome sucks on flat table directly for Dome Series only

Complex gone / Easy come, ComboEZ simplify your life

   Complex gone / Easy come, ComboEZ simplify your life