Products Electric Vacuum Jar

Product Description

Simple – Automatic – Fresh

♦  One Step Vacuum Sealing

Place items inside the container, press the On/off button on the Auto-Vacuum Machine for automatic vacuuming.

♦  Easy Retrieval

To open, simply balance the internal and external pressure. For the Dome and container series, grip the On/off button handles firmly on both sides. Completely pull up the Auto-Vacuum Machine to its maximum height. For the Canister series, depress the vacuum release button on the lid.

♦  Automatic Vacuum Restoration

The Auto-Vacuum Machine has a sensor which detects a change in pressure to kick-start the automatic vacuuming process, restoring the optimum vacuum level.

Products Tips

  • Easy to Operate
  • Keep your food for longer time
  • Maintain Easy
  • Save momey from wasting food